Place & Date

The event should be held at the "Casa Siloé - Mosteiro de São Bento in Vinhedo/SP" (Coordinates: 23.015°S, 46.96°W) close to the IAG/USP Observatório Abrahão de Moraes (ObAM). The ObAM park the VABB station from the BL/USP network. This station is part of the history of seismology in Brazil sending picks to the ISC since 1978. On the last day, we are organizing a visit to the Observatory and the seismic station.


Rua do Observatório, 538
Vinhedo - SP



    08-12thApril (at IAG/USP/São Paulo)

    14thApril 2019 (Vinhedo/SP) on Sunday afternoon.


    15th-17th/April 2019 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), you should program to arrive on Sunday, 14th of April.

Travel Information

The closest airport is Viracopos (VCP), 24 km away from the conference center. An estimated car ride takes 35 minutes. We will provide bus transportation at specific times to and from the airport to the conference place. Other option to reach the conference site is traveling to the São Paulo, Congonhas airport (CGH) or the Guarulhos airport (GRU).

Casa Siloé Infrastructure

Casa Siloé is the chosen locality for the conference. The place is near the city of Vinhedo and close by the ObAM park. Casa Siloé also has a plenty of space for meetings and nice open air discussions. You can check Siloé's institutional video and some photographs of the infrastructure below.

Conference fee will include the accommodation in double rooms and also breakfast, lunch, a light dinner and coffee-break.